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DeVore Nutrition and Wellness is happy to disclose pricing information.  There is no need to go through extra steps like a discovery call prior to booking.  However, feel free to email me if you have questions about what package or service is right for you.  Scroll down to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

DeVore Nutrition and Wellness Packages:

Get Started Package (DeVore Nutrition and Wellness). Includes initial assessment one one follow up.

Just Getting Started Package

Perfect if you need just a little help. Includes an Initial Assessment and one follow-up. More cost-effective than buying the stand-alone initial assessment and follow-up. Scroll down to view a chart with a visual comparison of what each package includes.

The Works Package (DeVore Nutrition and Wellness). Food Sensitivity Testing

The Works Package (Includes Food Sensitivity Testing)

For those who have multiple symptoms such as fatigue, diarrhea or constipation, brain fog, joint pain, etc. that feel like they may have food sensitivities, but are unable to pinpoint which foods are making them sick.

Lifestyle Reset Package (DeVore Nutrition and Wellness). Includes initial assessment, 3 follow ups, and online meal planning.

Lifestyle Reset Package

Great for someone who has one or two primary symptoms that do not feel like there are unidentified food sensitivities, but needs help with symptom management. Includes three months of an online meal planning tool,initial assessment and three follow-ups.

DeVore Nutrition and Wellness Services and Packages. Image of pricing comparisons for different packages.

Not a fan of online booking?  No problem.  Just email me and we can set up your appointment.  Also, feel free to email with questions regarding the packages or services.

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Al la Carte Services:

Picture of clipboard with heart and notes. For Iniividual Assessment DeVore Nutrition and Wellness.

Individual Assessment

If you feel that you only need a little help. READ MORE to learn about what is done at an individual Assessment. Up to 90 minutes.

Follow Up

This is a follow-up to your initial assessment. Up to 45 minutes in length. Follow-ups can be purchased as part of a package or individually.

Online Meal Planning

Online Meal plans that take the work out of planning meals. Made for specific diets (example: Anti-inflammatory diet, Gluten Free, low FODMAP, plant-based).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes DeVore Nutrition and Wellness different from other nutrition programs?

DeVore Nutrition and Wellness is owned and operated by a Registered Dietitian (RD).  Many other nutrition programs are provided by “nutritionists.”  The term “nutritionist” is not legally regulated and therefore can be used by anyone regardless of expertise or education level.  DeVore Nutrition and Wellness genuinely cares about your progress and listens to you about what your symptoms are in order to treat you correctly.  

DeVore Nutrition and Wellness is a small business.  You don’t feel like just another “medical record” when you schedule with us.  Unlike many larger businesses, time is devoted to longer appointments with individualized care so your concerns can be heard and addressed.  You won’t get someone who stares at a computer and follows a script. 

Is DeVore Nutrition and Wellness virtual or in-person?

At this time, the answer is both.  Many clients are seen virtually through a HIPAA secure platform.   Time of day is based of Eastern Standard Time.  Local individuals who live near Williamsburg, VA may visit me in person at this time at 3200 Ironbound Road, Suite A, Williamsburg, VA 23188.  Appointments must be made in advance (DeVore Nutrition and Wellness does not accept walk-in appointments).  

Please note that for “The Works Package,” DeVore Nutrition and Wellness will send you a kit for you to get your blood drawn.    Instructions will be provided, but you will need to be sure that you are able to find a blood draw center near your address in order to obtain the needed lab work.

Do you see children or adolescents?

At this time, DeVore Nutrition and Wellness primarily serves adults.  Adolescents and children are seen for certain conditions like selective eating and ADHD.  

Do you accept insurance?

DeVore Nutrition and Wellness does not accept insurance as payment.  However, if requested DeVore Nutrition and Wellness will provide a coded receipt so that you may submit the information to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.  The coded receipt indicates that any reimbursement should be made to yourself or the insurance holder, not to DeVore Nutrition and Wellness.  If you need reimbursement, please contact your insurance company prior to making an appointment to see if a doctor’s referral is required, and which services are reimbursable.  Coverage varies with each insurance provider.

Why should I pay for something that is not covered by my insurance?

Unfortunately, many insurances do not cover nutrition therapy for all conditions.  Typically insurance companies will cover counseling for Diabetes or Renal Disease.  Coverage for other conditions is often not covered.

DeVore Nutrition and Wellness understand this is a huge investment.  The money you invest in your health now may help you avoid future medical expenses.  It is an investment in yourself.

What forms of payment do you accept?

DeVore Nutrition and Wellness accepts cash, credit card, Stripe, and checks.  Payment is expected prior to your appointment.  Health Savings Accounts often times cover services provided by Registered Dietitians.  Contact your provider to check their policy if you plan to use your Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account.

How can I make an appointment?

Simply schedule an appointment here, or sent me an email at  Visit my contact page for easy access to email.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

There is no cancellation fee if you notify DeVore Nutrition and Wellness at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled time.  Appointments are reservations of the dietitian’s time, keeping others from reserving that time.  Therefore, if you do not attend your scheduled appointment, you will be charged for the time reserved.  If you arrive late to your appointment, you will be charged for the period of time that was scheduled.

What days of the week are you seeing clients?

I am currently seeing individuals on Wednesdays (full day), Thursday afternoons, and Fridays (full day).

Do you recommend nutrition supplements?

It depends on the person, but if you have a lot of symptoms DeVore Nutrition and Wellness will likely recommend supplements.  As always, you should discuss any supplement use with your medical provider.  

What should I do if I need more information?

Simply email

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